Alexis Campestre

Search Engine Optimization Reporting Tool

The SEO Reporting Tool (SRT) is a dynamic dashboard created for the PinPoint Local (PPL) franchise. As the owner of Digital Marketing Missoula, a PPL franchisee and purveyor of online marketing services, I embarked on this project with the intent of enhancing the value proposition of search engine optimization (SEO) to owners of small and medium sized businesses. In my own experience, effectively communicating tangible results to my SEO clients can be a challenge.

About Alexis Campestre

Alexis is the owner of Digital Marketing Missoula, a company he started when he began the MSBA program at the University of Montana in January 2019. Considering ways to enhance the value proposition of his services to his clients, he sought a way to enhance the monthly reporting deliverables through automation and aggregation, using Google Data Studio. The end result is the SEO Reporting Tool.

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