Kathryn Puczkowskyj

Injection Drugs in Montana

When it comes to the cost of healthcare, one of the biggest areas for potential savings lies in the reimbursement of injectable drugs administered in the outpatient hospital setting. This project creates an analysis process for a health insurance payer to examine their claims data for changes in injection drug cost over time, as well as to test for potential savings through alternate reimbursement strategies.

About Kathryn Puczkowskyj

Kathryn received her Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from the University of Texas, and has built a career in the health insurance industry. Working in provider network contracting led her to become fascinated by data analytics. In her current role as both Project Manager and Data Analyst, Kathryn will continue to build upon and use the skills gained from the MSBA program in hopes of doing her part to help make healthcare in Montana more affordable and transparent.

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