Nikki Gabrielsen

Northstar Athletics
Item Sales Analysis

Northstar Athletics, a family-owned athletic shoe and apparel store in Havre, MT, struggles to access and utlize all its available data. This project combines two of the company’s documents to conduct and analysis of item sales by category, vendor, and quarter. The purpose of this project is to gain insight into the best-selling categories and vendors, as well as what effect vendor and quarter have on the number of items sold.

About Nikki Gabrielsen

Nikki earned her MIS degree in May of 2018 from the University of Montana, then enrolled in the MSBA program to improve her technological fluency and gain valuable analytical skills. Upon completing her MSBA degree, Nikki will work as a staffing coordinator in a long-term care facility, using her analytical stills to assess and improve performance indicators and the reduce costs associated with high employee turnover.

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